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01/19/19 Sermon Notes

Series Title: Seeing Jesus: Finding the Center of What We Believe
Sermon Title: Law and Order
Sermon Text: Psalms 19: 7-8

Intro: I’ve recently been criticized for driving too slow, which is humorous considering my reputation. I
used to love speed! The first speeding ticket I ever received was on a Christmas day. I never saw the
officer, nor was I aware of the speed limit in that area. Not only did I receive holiday greetings after my
ticket, but I also learned a lesson… There is always a law. Whether you are aware of it or not, whether
you agree with it or not, when you follow it or not, laws not only govern our streets and lanes, they also
govern our lives.

God also has a law. He has a set of principles that describe who He his and how He wants things done.

1. What does scripture say about God’s law?
     a. Ps 19: 7-8 - It is perfect and powerful.
     b. Mat 5: 17-19 - It is permanent.
2. What is the purpose of God’s law?
     a. Shows us our wrong
          i. Serves as a mirror
     b. Shows us God’s will
          i. Knowledge of sin
     c. Gets us out of our own way
          i. Can’t deceive ourselves
     d. Leads us to Jesus
     e. Measures our growth in Christ.
          i. The things I used to do, I don’t do as much!
3. What does this mean for us?
     a. Bad news and Good news.
          i. Bad news:
               1. All have broken the law and deserve death. (I John 3:4, Rom 6:23,
                   James 2:10)
               2. Even if you could keep it perfectly, the law would not save you. (Gal
          ii. Good news:
               1. We are saved by grace and mercy. (Titus 3:5, Rom 6:23, John 3:16)
4. What now? (Here’s what I want you to know…)
     a. God’s law did not change. (Mat 5: 17-18
     b. Our love will make us desire to change (John 15: 14)
     c. Our Lord will help us change. (Isa 41:13)

Will you accept God’s power to help you live for Him?