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01/05/19 Sermon Notes

A society full of people trying to get ahead leads to people who live very busy lives. Lives so
busy, in fact, that the joy, fulfillment and the meaning can be sucked right out of them. Stressful
lives stretch us to the edge of our stability and our sanity and leave us asking the question: Is
this all there is? Thankfully, Jesus answers the question for us in His word. There is more. This
is not the end. This is not all there is. In fact, there is so much more. In fact, for the Christian,
this is the beginning…
Jesus answers with the most precious promise in scripture: John 14: 1-3
The enemy does not want us to take advantage of this promise. He uses...

  • Distraction
  • Deception
  • Discouragement
  • Delay

So this is what you need to know…
Jesus loves you! This is why He’s coming.

  1. His love brought Him here.
  2. His love will bring Him back.

How will He come?

  • You won’t have to guess.
  1. Rev 1:7- Every eye
  2. I Thess 4: 16, 17- Audible, visible, sensory return.
  3. Acts 1:11- Literal return.
  4. Matthew 16: 27- Glorious return
  • You won’t need to fear.
  1. Rev 1:7- Every eye
  2. I Thess 4: 16- Righteous dead shall rise.
  3. John 14: 3- God’s children are going home!
  • You have to get ready.
  1. Matthew 24: 36- We know not the hour.
  2. Matthew 24: 36-39- We do have clues (Signs)
  3. Get ready! (Your ride is coming…)

Conclusion: Are you ready? I Peter 3: 9- The Lord is not slack…