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Top priority for the believer is God’s glory

Message Title: The Thing That Matters Most 

Scripture: Exodus 14: 3-4

Synopsis: Top priority for the believer is God’s glory 

Series Title: The Red Sea Rules



I’ve recently been reminded that the human eye can only focus on one thing at a time. Everything else beyond the center of the core of our vision is out of focus and only partially discernible. 


Perspectives and priorities matter not only in terms of what we see, but also what we feel. Chronic pain sufferers can testify that during suffering, pain is top priority. Whether physical or otherwise, pain can dominate the mind, making it difficult to focus on anything else. Nothing else matters, or so it seems. Scripture shows us, however, that while life tempts us all to focus inward, God wants to turn our focus upward… for His glory. 


God’s glory has long been a concept misunderstood. What is it anyway?

  • Glory can be defined as “distinction” or “renown”. It is the opposite of anonymity or obscurity.
  • “Glory” is just putting God “out front” or making Him “well-known”. 

While definitions are helpful, they still don’t answer the question of why the Creator would need glory anyway. Does God have an ego that needs to be constantly stroked? Is God obsessed with celebrity like men who pursue social media fame seem to be? 


Art enthusiasts recognize that usually paintings will have what is called a “focal point”. This is an area of emphasis that demands the most attention and draws the eye to the painting. The focal point also helps to explain the context of the painting. Thus, if the viewer’s eye is drawn to the focal point, he or she can understand and appreciate the work. God should be “focal point”, and giving him glory in our lives means that all attention is drawn to Him. When God is the focus, we can understand and appreciate everything else, good and bad, that comes along with life. 


God’s Glory: 

  1. Gives everything new perspective.
    • Prosperity and pain are understood. 
  2. Shows everyone their proper place.
    • Life is no longer “people-centered
  3. Helps everyone recognize God‘s power.
  • Fear gives way to faith in the face of an understanding of God. 


*Answer this week:

  1. Is God the central focus of your life? 
  2. Through what lenses do we comprehend life’s experiences? Are those lenses correct? 
  3. If God’s fame becomes top priority, how does my life change this week? 


Read this week: 

  • Exodus 14: 3-4
  • John 9: 1-25
  • John 12: 27-28
  • Ps 106: 7-8
  • Ps 115: 1

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