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Whether Ordered or Allowed...

Series Title: The Red Sea Rules
Scripture: Exodus 14: 1-2
Synopsis: Whether ordered or allowed, every circumstance is under God’s control.

Staring at a subway map in Paris, a cell phone in my hand and confusion sprawled across my
face, I squinted and struggled to find information that would tell me where I was so I could figure
out where I wanted to go. I soon found the “ideo point” (the arrow that designates where one is
on the map in case you were wondering), but knowing my location didn’t change my situation. It
only led to disappointment as it provided confirmation that I was not where I wanted to be.

For each of us, life’s “locator” tells a story. For most, the drama is enough to shake even the
most stubborn faith, for we are not where we want to be. There are so many
questions...(especially for we who fancy ourselves “in control”) “How did I wind up here?”
“Who’s fault is this?” “How do I fix it?” “Is it too late?” This lesson cautions us against the subtle
atheism that is born of a lack of faith in God. For the Christian, you are “here”, wherever “here”
is, for a reason. Whether ordered or allowed, every circumstance is under God’s control.
So what does this mean for me?

     1. Let’s talk about what He ordered. (His “fault”)
          a. Israel is steered towards the sea.
          b. God’s placement is God’s prerogative. (“Thy will be done?)
     2. Let’s talk about what He allows. (Your fault)
          a. We are often authors of our own tragedies. What then?
     3. Let’s talk about His control (He is faithful)
          a. If God led you in, He will lead you out. It’s His prerogative. His purpose. His
          b. You will reach your destination!

*This week:
     ● Can you accept this week that you are exactly where God ordered or allowed you to be?
     ● What will you do with feelings of discouragement that come from not being where you
         want to be? What about the feelings of complacency that stem from satisfaction with
         your location?
     ● In order to reach your destination, how closely are you willing to follow God?

     Phil 2:13
     Ex 14:1-2
     Jer 29:11
     1 Thes 5:18
     Prov 3: 5-6

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