The Ministries of our Local and Worldwide Church:

The ministries of the church are the life blood of the Compton Community Seventh Day Adventist Church.  We sincerely encourage you to become involved wherever your spiritual needs can be fulfilled, and where you can share with others; what God has done in your life.  Whether it is joining the Praise Team, working with Community Service or becoming part of the Youth/Youth Adult ministries, or even starting a new ministry, we pray that you will find a  place to serve and a place to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Make sure you check out some of the ministry opportunities we have to offer




Adventurer Club

Breath of Life 



Compton Community Church's own Youth Club, that has been in existence since 1978. This organization supports youth education through scholarships, trains youth in the art of preaching, ministry, performance, and career development.     

Children's Ministries

The local Children's Ministries team, exists to show children the love of Jesus through community service and witnessing, while at the same time nurturing them into becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

Community Service

The local Community Services ministry team, provides food assistance to those in need without regard to income, race, color, national origin, religion or handicap. We respond to the Biblical call for the church to feed the hungry. 

  We are open Mondays & Tuesdays from 10:00 AM to Noon.

Disabilities Ministries


Education Ministries

The local Education Ministries team, partners with the conference, as well as with Los Angeles Adventist Academy and other institutions, to: provide christian education opportunities for students, as an aid to them accepting Christ as their savior. In addition, students are taught how to help fulfill the commission of preaching the gospel to all the world, as well as - to develop the “whole person” concept in each student, educating them to accept service as a way of life, to be sensitive to the needs of people at home and in society, and to become active members in the Church.

Family Life Ministries

The local Family Life Ministries team, focuses on people in relationships. It is a ministry that provides tools to help individuals communicate more effectively, deepen commitment in marriage, and assist in becoming better parents.

Health and Temperance Ministries

The Health and Temperance team demonstrates God’s love by promoting whole person health principles to members and the community at large, and assisting people from all ages, gender, and ethnicity in reaching their full potential for wholeness and a productive abundant life.

Hope Channel

Jesus 101 Biblical Institute



Men's and Women's Ministries

Men's and Women's Ministries exist to galvanize the energy and resources of men for God, family, church, and community, while modeling Jesus Christ through meaningful relationships and effective ministries

Sabbath School Ministry