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History teaches the Christian about God’s deliverance

Series Title: Red Sea Rules

Scripture: Psalm 77: 19-20

Synopsis: History teaches the Christian about God’s deliverance

I never knew how much I valued their rear-view mirror of a car until I attempted to drive without
one. As a driver, I was almost always focused on moving forward. After all, there were places to
go and people to see. Forward was where my destination was. With my rear view mirror gone - I quickly learned that sometimes in order to move forward, it is necessary to look back. For the Christian this is especially true.

You see, if God has been a part of your past, then he has been working in your past. When we look back, we see where God has been working, and we don’t have to worry.
     ● Worry takes place when you look too far ahead without ever looking back.
     ● We are all prone to worry. The Bible provides the solution.

As Israel dealt with worry, they looked back time and time again. They looked particularly to this
account found in Exodus 14. It is the Red Sea Crossing. It features God’s people being delivered, and has lessons for us as well:

     1. God does not have to play by the rules.
          a) Nothing about this seems safe
               i) No boat? No army? No escape route? No problem!
              ii) God is risky!
     2. God does not need previous examples
          a) This had never been done before.
          b) God will MAKE a way.
               i) Trust God!
     3. God was present all along.
          a) The enemy was there. So was God.
               i) How do we know? Evidence
          b) Hebrews 13:15-I will never leave

*This week:
     ● What risk will you take knowing God can operate outside of conventional wisdom?
     ● In what area do you need to follow God’s leading as He does something new?
     ● Can you sense God’s presence in your life? If yes, do you acknowledge Him with
         praise? If no, what evidences are you looking for? What would make His presence more
        “real” for you?

     ● Is 43:19
     ● Ps 77:19-20
     ● Ex 14
     ● 1 Cor 10: 13
     ● Ps 46

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